Launch of platform for truck safety in Austria

Agreed focus checks in 2017 include compliance with labor and trade regulations

Launch of platform for truck safety in Austria

Initiated by Transport Minister Jörg Leichtfried, the platform for truck safety was officially launched on 27 September. In the first inter-institutional meeting on 27 September, the experts of the ministries, the countries, the executive, Asfinag and the Federation of Social Insurance Institutions agreed on intensifying joint training programs for control bodies and coordinated focus checks.

In detail coordinated focus checks throughout Austria on 2,300 operating days were agreed for the year 2017. In addition to the control of the technical state of the vehicles, special attention will also be paid to compliance with labor and commercial regulations.

“The planning and implementation coordinated across Austria allows us to control and ensure even more efficiently that all trucks on our roads also meet the legal requirements for heavy haulage”, Transport Minister Jörg Leichtfried is convinced.

The results of these inspections will be evaluated by the Ministry of Transport and presented once per year to the Parliament in the form of an evaluation report for consultation. The first work meeting of the platform for truck safety was attended by a total of 30 experts. in the future the platform will meet at least once per year.