Large investment of Deufol Group in Hungary

The company is building one of Europe’s most modern packaging and logistics plants in Debrecen

Large investment of Deufol Group in Hungary Bild: Deufol, Moritz Kübler

Deufol commenced operations in Debrecen in May 2019 and serves its Hungarian customers there from an interim location. By the end of September, the company will employ well over a dozen employees in Hungary, who will also be assisted by seconded professionals from other European locations.

Deufol is building a packing and logistics facility in the Industrial Park South and plans to offer the wide range of its services beyond the borders of Hungary. Industrial packaging, logistical services, picking, warehouse management, transportation and IT-based solutions along the supply chain of industrial customers are the core business of the company.

In addition to packaging and warehouses, an area of approximately 150,000 m² will provide a generous open space for the efficient logistic handling of packaged goods. Deufol’s investment follows a trend that is described by the city government of Debrecen as a “small industrial revolution”. More than 40 well-known German companies have settled in and around Debrecen by now, some of which belong to the customer base of Deufol.

The construction works in Debrecen began on schedule in early August with preparatory earthworks. At the beginning of October, the actual implementation for the packaging and logistics building will start with the ground-breaking ceremony on 8th October.

Deufol plans to create at least 120 new jobs in various areas by 2021. In order to build up the necessary qualified personnel and ensure their long-term security, the company is currently working with local educational institutions, including the University of Debrecen, to develop training concepts, examining, among other things, the possibilities for dual study courses in the fields of logistics and economics. In addition, at the latest with the opening of the Deufol Packaging and Logistics Center, internships and jobs will be offered for student trainees.

Completion of the first construction phase for the 91st location of the Deufol Group is scheduled for spring 2020, with the new packaging and logistics facility in Debrecen scheduled to go into operation by the middle of the year. Because of the great demand for packaging and logistics services, plans have already been initiated for a second development phase.