Lagermax Spedition to use one-way pallets for air freight

Salzburg-based logistics provider Lagermax increasingly sends air freight shipments on Inka pallets

Lagermax Spedition to use one-way pallets for air freight

Lagermax Spedition serves customers from Austria, Germany and neighboring European countries at the Salzburg location. In addition to the import and export of shipments via air freight, the forwarding company also handles customs clearance and maintains its own customs warehouse at the airport.

Air freight shipments are delivered “ready for carriage”, which means, that they have already been appropriately packed for air transport by the dispatcher. Previously, the shipments usually came on solid wood euro-pallets. By now they have been outranked by one-way pallets made of chipboard, manufactured by the company Inka.

This is not primarily due to the fact that “one-way” results more practical in air freight, because after all, Inca is not the only one-way pallet on the market. One thing that militates in their favor, however, is their easy exportability: Unlike the solid wood pallet, the Inca complies to ISPM 15 – it is considered as “processed wood” and is thus exportable without any pretreatment and labeling.

Inka pallets are available in a variety of formats, from the quarter-euro-pallet to the square container format. “A preferred format does not exist in the air freight sector. Ideally, the pallet format closely matches the shipment,” says Günter Fridrich, Head of Human Resources Management and Corporate Communications at Lagermax.

Despite fiercer safety regulations introduced in 2013, Inka pallets can be used for air freight without problems. “However, if shipment and pallet are fully strapped or shrinkwrapped, the consignment is considered tamper-proof” explains Andreas Heinrich, product manager of Inka Paletten GmbH.

Founded in 1878 as sawmill Inselkammer in Siegertsbrunn, Inka Paletten GmbH is the largest European manufacturer of one-way pallets made of wooden material. In addition to the company headquarters in Siegertsbrunn (Bavaria) near Munich, the company has production sites in Oberrot (Baden Württemberg, Germany), in the Netherlands and the USA. Goods are distributed through an extensive dealer network in Europe and other countries worldwide.

Lagermax group offers a sophisticated distribution network for all customer requirements with 53 own locations in twelve countries – Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Turkey. In 2015, more than 3,200 employees generated a total turnover of EUR 415 million.