L.I.T. AG’s “Azubi“ truck to attract transport professional

Tractor unit for almost EUR 150,000 to make people curious for logistic professions; apprentices control and dispose the vehicle on their own

L.I.T. AG’s “Azubi“ truck to attract transport professional

Looking for future logistics professionals, L.I.T. AG presents a pioneering concept: The logistics company from Brake acquired a designated truck for its apprentices, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and high quality equipment. The specially stickered vehicle will be travelling in local and long distance transport, but will also be used at fairs as a showcase of the company to make young people curious about a career in logistics.

“We can clearly feel the lack of experts. Therefore we were looking for a suitable method to position ourselves as an innovative training company and to make us more visible,” says Ingo Schreiber, CEO L.I.T. Cargo GmbH. Originally intended as an eye-catcher for job fairs, the idea of a designated truck for apprentices quickly became the first draft of an entirely new company training concept.

The project will be launched at the end of February. A total of 13 aspiring professional drivers will go on a tour in local and long distance traffic with the vehicle, and also take over the maintenance. The young colleagues from the disposition, also apprentices, will be planning the use of the vehicle.

“From the beginning it was clear that we wanted to buy a very special and prestigious truck for the project, which is noticeable,” says Ingo Schreiber. The choice fell on a Volvo FH500 in its best equipment: In addition to the latest security technology, Xenon headlamps and a GPS-guided circuit, the vehicle also has standard air conditioning and ventilated seats with leather upholstery. Comfort in the cab is provided by a resting seat for the passenger and a large refrigerator. Music system and flat screen TV “sweeten” breaks. A funny detail is the starry sky embedded in the roof.

“The truck is a real eye-catcher. It is the only of this type in our fleet and has excellent equipment, but it has also its own stickers and illuminated front plate to make it recognisable as a particular apprentice vehicle,” says Ingo Schreiber. In total, the logistics provider has invested almost EUR 150,000 into the truck.

The L.I.T. group (logistics, information, transport) is based in Brake and offers a wide range of services along the supply chain. Founded in 1988, today about 1,400 employees at 28 European sites implement holistic transport and warehouse logistics concepts. The company has 140,500 m² warehousing area and a fleet of 850 trucks with 2,000 swap bodies and 700 trailers. In 2015 the L.I.T. group’s consolidated turnover was EUR 225.