Kukla: Another 100 pallet-wide maritime containers

40’-pallet-wide boxes enable the Munich-based logistics service provider to close a gap in the offerings of shipping companies operating worldwide

Kukla: Another 100 pallet-wide maritime containers

Robert Kukla, a freight forwarder specialised in multimodal shipping, has now acquired another 100 pallet-wide 40’containers able to transport 20 percent more euro pallets than conventional ISO containers. This container type already enabled the Munich-based logistics service provider to close a gap in the offerings of shipping companies operating worldwide back in 2014. Against the background of intercontinental container handling, shipping lines do not take account of regional differences in container sizes.

The containers which Kukla has acquired are specially suited to the European market. With an internal width of 2.43 metres instead of the standard 2.35 m of an ISO container, these containers are customised for euro pallets. The pallet width inner dimensions allow for 30 bays while also ensuring perfect cargo control through a tight fit. A 40´ sized ISO container only has room for 25 euro pallets which also have to be laboriously secured against slippage.

As part of an initial test phase, Kukla acquired the first 20 containers back in 2014. They have been largely used in maritime transport between Thessaloniki and the North-range ports of Rotterdam, Antwerpen, Bremerhaven and Hamburg. Through the now completed acquisition of another 100 containers Kukla has significantly strengthened its involvement in the Shippers Own Container (SOC) business. “We want to use our efficient containers to expand our leading position in the short-sea shipping business”, explained Knut Sander, managing partner of Robert Kukla GmbH.

For Kukla, the 40’-pallet-wide containers are clearly a better choice compared with 45’-pallet-wide containers. In the Levant, i.e. in the countries of the eastern Mediterranean, the 40’ container has become established, which is ultimately reflected in the freight space dimensions. The 40’ containers enable Kukla to access the full shipping frequency of deep sea carriers without any congestion problems.

Furthermore, these are goods exported largely from Greece which make for relatively compact and heavy cargo. Consequently, the additional capacity of a 45’ container could not be used anyway without exceeding the weight limit, meaning wasted freight space and the time-consuming securing of cargo.

The internal dimensions of ISO containers which are unsuited to euro pallets are traditionally the result of different unit systems in the USA and Europe. The inch as the unit of measurement applicable in the birthplace of the container is not compatible with the the base area of a euro pallet. Whereas, in North America, the base area of a cargo unit measures 48 × 40 inches, the euro pallet’s dimensions are 120 × 80 cm.

Robert Kukla GmbH Internationale Spedition headquartered in Munich is specialised in multimodal shipping as well as the tank and truck business in Western and Eastern Europe, and has extensive experience in warehouse logistics. The company was founded in 1941 and, with its workforce of around 110 employees, operates on a global scale in a tight network of highly experienced cooperation partners.