Jubilee: 25 years of ROAD & RAIL Spedition

ROAD & RAIL is a first choice when it comes to container trucking to and from destinations in Austria and Central Europe

Jubilee: 25 years of ROAD & RAIL Spedition

High quality container transports by truck and train throughout European are the core business of ROAD & RAIL Internationale Speditionsgesellschaft mbH. For 25 years the Vienna-based private company has been operating in this sector. The initially small enterprise has become a service provider that is known well beyond the borders of Austria.

In the record year of 2014 ROAD & RAIL carried 12,475 container shipments or about 21,100 TEU, generating more than EUR 12 million in turnover. “In 2015 we felt the cyclically-induced decline particularly with import traffic from the Northern ports to Austria and Eastern Europe“, says Norbert Grohmann, founder and CEO of the company. The more he is glad that “in the first quarter of this year we were able to beat the 2014 transport volume“.

The team of 13 ROAD & RAIL employees working at locations in Vienna and Trencin, Slovakia is permanently operating 40 trucks on the North port trades and 25 trucks to the Southern ports and on bilateral trucking trades. During peak times up to 100 container chassis are on use. About 80 percent of the container shipments are trucked, while around 20 percent are carried on the railway.

The current issue of the ÖVZ magazine features a detailed report on the ROAD & RAIL Spedition.