Joint Venture of United Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo ready for take-off

Joint air cargo network offers international forwarders more options for their transatlantic business

Joint Venture of United Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo ready for take-off

As previously announced, United Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo have launched their air cargo joint venture. Effective May 3, the two carriers jointly manage sales and booking of standard and express shipments on routes between Europe and the U.S..

Starting with selected routings from the U.S., Italy, Great Britain, Ireland and Germany, the carriers will expand the geographical scope between Europe and the U.S. in the coming months and plan to include additional products and features in the future. 

The joint venture was designed to provide enhanced value to customers, according to Peter Gerber, Chairman and CEO of Lufthansa Cargo. The combination of the two strong networks offers new routing options. The co-location of warehouses, in Munich for example, was an additional benefit, with customers needing only one location for export drop-off and import delivery.

“Aligned processes and quicker transfers between separate warehouses also lead to streamlined transport times,” added Lufthansa Cargo’s CEO. 

“Cargo customers worldwide value speed, convenience and reliability,” said United Cargo President Jan Krems. He emphasised on the increased frequencies on a combined network accessible through either partner’s booking channels. Their aligned teams and processes also deliver higher service quality.;