Joint venture H&H Foodlog expands its operations to CEE / SEE

Specialist for bulk transport of liquid food takes over operations of the companies Hoyer Hungária Kft. and Hoyer Bulgaria EOOD

Joint venture H&H Foodlog expands its operations to CEE / SEE

The Hoyer Group is expanding the operations of the recently founded joint venture H&H Foodlog at locations in Bulgaria and Hungary. The joint venture has been active in the liquid foodstuffs transport area in Germany since November 2017, and combines the strengths of Hoyer and the H&S Group to enable an optimum response to market requirements. Hoyer provides 49 per cent of the shares in H&H Foodlog, and the H&S Group is the shareholder of 51 per Cent.

The Foodlog operations of Hoyer in Bulgaria and Hungary were transferred to the H&H Foodlog joint venture as of 31 December 2017. This was a logical step to further expand the cooperation that already exists with H&S, to pool resources and know-how, and to strengthen further the pan-European network of the two companies, both with long traditions on the market, reads a press release.

Adwin Verhoeks, Managing Director of H&H Foodlog, says: “We have already achieved a great deal in the first two months since the founding of H&H Foodlog. We look forward to further expansion of the cooperation.” Ortwin Nast, Chief Executive Officer of the Hoyer Group, adds: “We are very pleased with the first results initially obtained. We are confident we have taken the right decision for a positive development of the liquid foodstuffs transport business.”

The Hoyer Group and the H&S Group have operated successfully in the bulk transport market for liquid foodstuffs for more than 70 years. They place the greatest importance on quality, innovation and partnership in customer relations. The Hoyer operations of the Deep Sea and Netlog business units in the area of the international bulk transport of liquid foodstuffs in tank containers, IBCs and flexitanks are excluded from the cooperation.;