JCL Logistics: “You’re better off with environmental protection”

The provider of high-quality logistics services is operating more and more with focus on sustainability

JCL Logistics: “You’re better off with environmental protection”

JCL Logistics expands and modernises its vehicle fleet at its locations in Europe. in 2018 and 2019, the logistics company will invest into a total of 109 DAF trucks of the latest Euro 6 class.

JCL Logistics will take over 68 new DAF trucks in 2018 and another 41 vehicles in the coming year. The expansion of the fleet is not only quantitative. In terms of quality, too, the company is setting a clear example with the new DAF trucks. All vehicles are state-of-the-art. According to the manufacturer, reducing fuel consumption by up to 7 per cent also reduces CO2 emissions by up to 7 per cent. The drivers are offered enhanced ride comfort and additional assistance programs.

Environmental protection is more than just a buzzword in logistics. With the current measures and bioeconomic corporate culture, JCL Logistics sets a clear and, to speak in company colors, bright orange sign. This also as a clear commitment to decarbonisation and climate protection. The replacement of old vehicles by new Euro 6-standard trucks brings further reductions in pollutant emissions.

The general goal of JCL Logistics is to efficiently integrate low-pollution means of transport into the logistics chain in order to reconcile ecology and economy. This also includes optimal utilisation of the vehicles in order to make the processes more sustainable and cost-effective. “Every single step counts for us to act in a social, ecological and economic way. Raising awareness of environmentally-friendly transport systems among our customers plays an important role,” emphasises Gerhard Gau, Head of Road Austria at JCL Logistics.

JCL Logistics, which has its headquarters in Zug (Switzerland) operates innovative logistics and offers operational activities in the segments road, rail, air & ocean, contract logistics and warehouse management under the product name Plus+. By specialising in the areas retail, automotive, health & pharmaceutical, chemical, industry, fmcg and drinks logistics JCL forms a logistical network that meets the individual requirements of these sectors.