Intereuropa Group with EUR 4.7 million operating profit in 2015

Sales growth was achieved by all Intereuropa Group subsidiaries except in Croatia, Ukraine and Macedonia

Intereuropa Group with EUR 4.7 million operating profit in 2015

The year 2015 brought a slight increase in the demand for logistics services on most geographical markets of Intereuropa Group (Koper/Slovenia): Croatia has finally come out of the long-lasting recession, and Serbia once again. The flows of goods in the region have strengthened moderately, unlike in Ukraine, which saw an even worse situation in its economy after Russia slid into recession again.

In the reporting year, Intereuropa recorded an increased volume of orders from customers in numerous service segments, which brought higher income from all markets except Ukraine, Croatia and Macedonia. On account of the high loss of income in the Ukrainian subsidiary, the sales revenues of the Group fell 4 percent below the level of a year ago.

“Our key activities focused on intensifying the sales and optimizing the processes on the Group level, dedicating particular attention to improve the performance of the subsidiary in Croatia. We have developed improvements to the implementation of domestic transport service and continued developing the integrated information solution to support our logistics processes, and digitalization of outgoing invoices. Activities on the expansion of the SAP information solution to our major subsidiaries were carried on as planned”, the company announces in the unaudited report for January – December 2015.

In the reporting year, the Group achieved a sales revenue of EUR 134.6 million, which was 7 percent or EUR 9.4 million below the target. The worst fall was recorded by the Ukrainian subsidiary in the railway transport services, which lost 65 percent or EUR 7.6 million of sales revenues. The Group closed the reporting term with an operating profit of EUR 4.7 million and a net profit of EUR 0.8 million.

Core activities for the year 2016 will be to develop the current business and acquire new customers, which will generate growth in all markets, business areas and products. Much effort will be dedicated to the optimization of business processes, to cost management and to on-going informatisation of business processes in the Group.

Intereuropa Group:

No. of employees: 1,417 employees

Vehicle fleet: 106 group-owned trucks, tractors, and trailers and other commercial vehicles

Total warehousing area: 232,400 m²

Total land area 1,711,000 m²

Branch network: Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Ukraine