Intereuropa Group (Koper / Slovenia) celebrated its 70th anniversary

On Monday. 29 May 2017, Intereuropa marked the 70th anniversary of its existence and celebrated it at Bernardin, Portorož

Intereuropa Group (Koper / Slovenia) celebrated its 70th anniversary

The company Intereuropa d.d. was founded in 1947 in the then “B Zone” of the Free Territory of Trieste (STO) and started operations with three employees and a means of transport – an old tractor. In its corporate history, the Company has adapted successfully to numerous changes; today, the Intereuropa Group has twelve subsidiaries in nine countries and nearly 1,400 employees.

Current performance of the Intereuropa Group is good: in the first quarterly term 2017, it has recorded growth in all relevant financial categories. The Group generated EUR 35.4 million of sales revenue and recorded a 5-percent growth over the same term a year ago. The net profit came to EUR 900,000, which was 27 per cent higher than the figure achieved in the comparable term last year. The recent growth of key performance indicators affirms the correct course and corporate strategy.

Intereuropa Group has own companies with a network of business units and logistics terminals in: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, and Ukraine. It is leading supplier of complete logistic services in Slovenia and South-Eastern Europe.

Group capacities per 31 December 2016:

-) 1.374 employees,

-) 112 company-owned trucks and other delivery vehicles,

-) 232.400 sq. m. of warehousing property,

-) 1,67 million sq. m. of landed property.

-) Membership in the international organisations FIATA, IATA, FETA, FONASBA, BIMCO, IRU,

-) Membership in the international logistic network: WCA, FETA, HCL.