Insurance office Ignaz Fiala celebrates its 70th anniversary

The company based in Vienna claims to be the market leader in the segment of transport liability in Austria

Insurance office Ignaz Fiala celebrates its 70th anniversary

“When I travel through Austria, I always recognise that almost every third truck is connected to the Fiala insurance office,” Dr. med. Josef Traxler, Managing Director of the insurance office Dr. med. Ignaz Fiala GesmbH, says with pride.

From this, and the marketing of products like forwarding and forwarding insurance certificate, furniture forwarding insurance certificate, Bill of Lading insurance, shipping document insurance, carrier liability insurance, subsidiarity insurance and freight forwarding, as well as freight overall policy plus additional cover results in an annual premium volume of approximately EUR 10 million.

One trend is the rising share of foreign business operations, which currently accounts for 18 percent of the premium volume and is mainly generated in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. In response to this development, the Fiala insurance office has systematically expanded the linguistic competence of its team in recent years. They can now communicate with customers and business partners in Polish, Czech, Slovak and Slovenian.

This was accompanied by adding customer training to the range of services, which includes detailed work instructions in the field of transport liability or supporting measures in connection with large logistics contracts. Josef Traxler: “Such contracts are often very extensive and far-reaching. They contain numerous liability and insurance specific details, and we would be pleased to examine them upon request. “