Imperial scores with Audi and Volkswagen in Eastern Europe

New contract in Győr, Hungary and extended agreements at the Polish locations in Polkowice and Poznań

Imperial scores with Audi and Volkswagen in Eastern Europe

Imperial Logistics International is continuing to enhance its position as a logistics and transport partner for the automobile industry in Poland and Hungary. The logistics specialist will operate the internal factory logistics for the vehicle assembly processes at the Audi AG business site in Győr in Hungary from 1 April 2017. At the same time Imperial will take over the employees, who are currently working for a competing company.

Audi has also appointed Imperial to manage the logistics optimisation centre for the vehicle factory in Győr once again. More than 1,100 employees – both those working externally and in the factory – ensure the flow of materials and goods for the vehicle assembly operations nearby when the factory is working to full capacity.

Imperial has also been operating a new freight forwarding department in Győr since October last year. This is the company’s response to the growing transport market, which is developing in Hungary and the neighbouring countries of Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. Both Audi and Daimler, for example, are introducing new models at their Hungarian factories at the moment.

This development demands new capacities in transport logistics for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. “The goal is to gain as much of the transport business as possible for Imperial with the support of local sales teams,” explains Rémy Hoeffler, Director Business Unit Automotive, Eastern Europe/International.

The expansion of operations in Győr is also linked to the extension of a contract at the Polish business location in Polkowice. Imperial will continue to provide the logistics support for the Volkswagen engine factory there, as in the past. And in Poznań, Imperial’s largest business location in Poland, Volkswagen has also extended the contract for Imperial’s work as a logistics partner.

“As a result of the new contract in Győr and the extension of the agreements in Győr, Polkowice and Poznań, our activities in Eastern Europe are a major pillar in Imperial’s growth strategy,” says Rémy Hoeffler, commenting on the latest developments.

Imperial is a logistics partner for the automobile industry at five business locations in Poland and Hungary. More than 1,000 people work at the three Polish automobile sites in Poznań, Polkowice and Gliwice. They manage the precise supplies of car and engine components to the assembly lines, handle incoming and outgoing goods, sequencing, pre-assembly work; they manage empties and clean & maintain parts containers too. They also look after repackaging work, goods transportation, packaging, dispatch services and supplying a press shop with steel coils and metal sheeting.

In addition to automobile logistics, Imperial is expanding its range of services in the fields of engineering and plant construction as well as retail and consumer goods in Poland. Imperial has been managing the logistics optimisation centre for Audi’s vehicle factory at the Hungarian site in Győr for three years.