Hödlmayr investing in innovative rail logistics

At EUR 265 million in 2016 the Schwertberg-based specialist for vehicle logistics generated the highest turnover in its 63-years history

Hödlmayr investing in innovative rail logistics

In order to maintain the competitive advantage in the current market, Hödlmayr International AG is making substantial investments rhis year again. The focus is on the expansion of rail capacity.

“With five new trains we can increase our transport potential by more than 30 percent. With new rail cars – with infinitely variable height adjusting of the upper loading platforms – we fulfill all market needs, which also allows carrying SUVs,” CEO Johannes Hödlmayr said in a press conference in Linz.

Each block train system can carry up to 240 cars, which equals a capacity of about 30 trucks. In total Hödlmayr operates up to 20 block trains with a total of 370 wagons. This is a loading capacity for approximately 4,800 vehicles.

With Hödlmayr, about 20 percent of all transport kilometers are already being handled by rail. Best practice examples are the transport of Scania trucks from Neuss (Germany) to Ennsdorf and weekly block train from Schwertberg to Tekirdag (Turkey).

“Where a tri-modal solution and hence an effective combination of ecology and economy is possible, we will offer this. I think we are making a significant contribution to the conservation of our natural resources, and we are committed as a company,” said Johannes Hödlmayr.

An efficient transport infrastructure is of course a prerequisite for a further shift from road to rail. However, the entrepreneur still sees serious pent-up demand in politics.

Facts & Figures of Hödlmayr International AG


-) 2016: about EUR 265 million
-) 2015: EUR 245 million

Employees in 16 European countries

-) 2016: 1,800
-) 2015: 1,650

Fleet 2016

-) 740 special vehicle carriers
-) 20 block train systems

Fleet 2015

-) 650 special vehicle carriers
-) 15 block train systems

Warehouse surface

-) around 1.1 million m²
-) 50,000 parking spaces

Transport volume

-) around 1.75 million vehicles

Releasing Agent

-) for six works of renowned automobile manufacturers
-) quality control of 1.2 million new vehicles