Hödlmayr Hungária Logistics celebrates its 25th anniversary

Hödlmayr Hungária presents itself as a specialist of automotive and mobility solutions in its jubilee year of 2015

Hödlmayr Hungária Logistics celebrates its 25th anniversary

In 1990 the first Hödlmayr branch was established in Győr, Hungary – the first one outside the German-speaking countries – and a future-oriented decision for the entire group. Today the subsidiariy has evolved from a pure vehicle logistics company to an expert for automotive and mobility solutions, generation a significant share of the group’s turnover.

Since a long time the performance includes vehicle transport via truck, train or ship. The company is also responsible for the final quality control of the new cars at the end of the production process as releasing agent for renowned car manufacturers in Hungary. Moreover, Hödlmayr specialists repair bodywork, painting or implement remodelling works. The storage capacity at the Györ site is approximately 16,000 vehicles.

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary Hödlmayr Hungária Logistics organised a big event for employees and customers. Being one of the biggest employers in this region, the branch was also honoured by the city of Győr.

The Hödlmayr group headquartered in Schwertberg, Upper Austria, operates locations in 16 countries and hence one of Europe’s biggest logistics networks for the transport of finished vehicles. The owner-managed family enterprise has invested in assets (logistics centres, truck fleets) and operates also block trains between the plants, compounds and ports. The logistics network is completed by partner companies (franchisees and sub companies).