Hermes & Richard AG becomes part of KGH Customs Services

The independent customs agency has its own offices in Switzerland, Germany and France

Hermes & Richard AG becomes part of KGH Customs Services

After KGH Customs Services recently opened a branch in the UK, the Gothenburg-based group is now expanding its European business with the acquisition of Hermes & Richard AG. “The expansion into Switzerland was obvious, because the country is an important base for European trade,” it says in a press release.

Switzerland also borders on the countries in which KGH is already active and through which most of the European flow of goods flows. The acquisition strengthens the company’s position as one of the leading pan-European customs and foreign trade service providers.

“Thanks to its central position in Europe and as an EU trading partner, Switzerland plays an important role in European foreign trade,” says Lars Börjesson, CEO of KGH. “This new acquisition helps us to better support foreign trade processes for our customers in Switzerland and Europe. In addition, customs clearance in Switzerland is increasingly being digitized. We want to continue this development with our services and our know-how. ”

The Hermes & Richard solutions range from customs and fiscal advice to the completion of all customs formalities. The company, which is based in the tri-border region Switzerland-Germany-France, has its own, strategically placed offices in all three countries with a total of 35 employees.

“The integration into the KGH Group opens up new, exciting prospects for us: we can now offer more services and gain access to more extensive resources and the international network of KGH,” says Patrick Zenhäusern, CEO of Hermes & Richard. “Being a member of a strong, professional foreign trade and customs clearance network is a tremendous opportunity for us.”

With 700 employees, KGH is one of the leading independent customs service providers in Europe. The company was founded in 1963 and is serving more than 28,000 customers throughout Europe with 700 employees. KGH has its own branches in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, France and Italy with 750 employees. In addition, KGH has a worldwide partner network, to which Hermes & Richard AG has belonged for several years.;