Hämmerle masters alpine heavy-lift transport in Tyrol

Austrian heavy haulage specialist Hämmerle delivered 2 bicycle bridges with 70 tonnes to a construction site in the Ötztal Alps

Hämmerle masters alpine heavy-lift transport in Tyrol

During a recent alpine heavy transport maneuver a driver of Hämmerle Spezialtransporte GmbH proved that alpine maneuvering in the special and heavy load industry a professional discipline indeed. The load consisted of two indivisible steel bridges with 32 and 39 tonnes of dead weight respectively for a bike path – in reverse gear. The destination of the 43 meters long transport with 70 tonnes of total weight was over 1,500 meters above sea level in Sölden in the Ötztal Alps.

The first part of the professional maneuver in the Alps was the reversal of the truck for the the reverse drive at the last part of the journey. The second part was then the reverse drive itself, and unloading at the construction site. Escorts walking by foot constantly observed each axle of the truck. The last part of the route was additionally secured by a hydraulic excavator to protect the seven-axle trailer truck against the danger of slipping off by erosion of the path.

“Anyone who has ever been on the road in the Alps, knows that ways on sloping hillsides can be tricky,” says Reinhard Hämmerle, Senior Managing Director of Hämmerle Spezialtransporte and Memeber of the Supervisory Board of BigMove. “This requires extensive experience in the mountain area and yet an additional safeguard for the laden journey,” says Hämmerle, proud of the professional drivers working for his company. As the road had previously been compressed by another heavy equipment, erosion was ultimately minimal, the unloading was achieved safely.

In 2001 Reinhard Hämmerle and Reinhard Gasser founded Hämmerle Spezialtransporte GmbH with headquarters in Hard am Bodensee. Carrying out special transportation is the core business of the company. Hämmerle is an Austrian member of BigMove AG, a European network for heavy cargo logistics.

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