H.Essers choosen to develop the Ford-site in Genk

Construction of the H.Essers Dry Port Genk for the new hub along the Albert Canal to be completed by the end of 2018

H.Essers choosen to develop the Ford-site in Genk

The board of the Vlaamse Waterweg nv gave its official go for the concession of 21.8 hectares on the C-zone of the Ford-site along the Albert Canal in Genk. The company choose H.Essers to start the construction of new warehouses for its chemicals segment. 420 jobs are being created with the construction of the H.Essers Dry Port Genk for the new hub along the Albert Canal.

“The current storage capacity in Winterslag has reached its limits,” Gert Bervoets, CEO H.Essers, explains. “The new development is very much needed to meet the growing demands of our customers. The site along the Albert Canal offers the ideal location because we can transport the goods by water. ”

The contract involves the logistical handling and storage of a wide range of products, such as car paint and cleaning materials. The goods are finished and packed on arrival at the H.Essers Dry Port Genk. The site should be operational by the end of 2018. Gert Bervoets, CEO H.Essers expects a modal shift of 1.800 trucks/month taken of the road for inbound and outbound shipments.

H.Essers was founded by Henri Essers in 1928 and has become one of the leading companies in Europe in the field of transport and logistics for such sectors as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and high-quality goods. The company has experienced solid expansion in the last decade, driven by autonomous growth and a number of strategic acquisitions. In 2016, H.Essers reported a turnover of EUR 590 million.

The company currently has 950,000 m² of warehouse space, a fleet of 1,460 trucks and 3,050 trailers. The company has over 5,400 employees across 67 branches in 15 countries in Western and Eastern Europe. Along with its headquarters in Genk (Belgium), H.Essers also has a strong presence in Romania.