Güterzentrum Wolfurt: Eco-award for new ÖBB buildings

Environmental orientation throughout the freight center contributes to achieving the climate goals of the Republic of Austria

Güterzentrum Wolfurt: Eco-award for new ÖBB buildings

Even in a modern logistics zone, ecologically sustainable planning and construction is possible. ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG has taken on this challenging task with the project start of the expansion project at the Wolfurt freight center. Since 2014, the construction work is in full swing. After commissioning of the plant for the wagonload traffic in 2016 and the handover of workshops, two container cranes and the first transshipment zones, the ÖBB plans the overall completion of the project in the autumn of 2018.

Part of the comprehensive expansion project in Wolfurt is the construction of a modern container and vehicle workshop (692 m²) and a so-called in-gate building, where all administrative activities for the handling of goods are handled. The workshop went into operation in June 2017, the administrative building with 540 m² usable area will be available from mid-2018.

All steps in the planning and execution of the two objects have been scrutinized in recent years by an independent certification body. After a detailed analysis of all specifications, the entire planning process and the construction of the workshop were awarded a certificate by the “Austrian Society for Sustainable Building”. The award ceremony took place on the 25th of January 2018 at the fair “Bauen & Wohnen” in Vienna.

The ecological orientation in building planning can be described as exemplary. Based on environmentally friendly traffic development, the ÖBB engineers took into account the sustainability of the buildings at each planning step. Wherever concrete was required, the decision was made, if possible, for a recycling product. All other parts of the building were constructed of wood and environmentally friendly insulation materials. Geothermal and photovoltaic systems ensure sustainable energy management.

Even with doors and the separation of parts of buildings with different uses, attention was paid to the density of the insulation. The entrance to the workshop – after all, one of the largest roller shutters in the state of Vorarlberg – was respected for particularly rapid opening and closing operations. Thus, the energy loss during entry and exit is kept as low as possible even in the cold season.

The other facilities at the Wolfurt freight center are also planned and built with great environmental orientation. Noise protection walls, the redevelopment of the Landgraben, state-of-the-art noise-avoiding crane technology or insect-friendly lighting systems with LED technology are examples of the ecological orientation of the construction project. Upon completion, the Wolfurt freight center will provide the exporting Vorarlberg economy with additional capacity for receiving and dispatching goods.

Figures, data, facts about the expansion project in Wolfurt:

-) 4 container loading tracks (craneable to a length of approx. 600 meters)
-) 3 sidings
-) 500 meters track length for wagonload traffic
-) Storage area for 1,700 loaded containers
-) Empty container warehouse for approx. 3,500 units
-) New service and workshop building
-) 9 New in-gate building
-) 150 meters Landgraben open flow line developed close to nature
-) 320 meters Landgrabe underground watercourse renewed and fish-shaped
-) 464 meters new noise barrier
-) 15 new lighting poles, height up to 36 meters, insect friendly