Groundbreaking of “VFI Donaupresswerk“ in Ennsdorf

EUR 12 million-investment: New building of the “hidden champion“ of Austria’s food industry to start operation in late autumn 2016

Groundbreaking of “VFI Donaupresswerk“ in Ennsdorf

“In Ennshafen we found a suitable place for our new oil press that really meets all our requirements“, states Mag. Florian Rauch, Managing Director and Associate VFI, Austria’s biggest producer of edible oils. “Logistically, Ennsdorf is located ideally, it’s not far from our main plant in Wels, close to the big fodder plants, and in the centre of a region where many of the raw products we need are cultivated. The raw and finished goods can be transhipped by railway, truck and barge.“

“Making this investment of about EUR 12 million into this site, VFI demonstrate we are a leading player in Austria’s food industry, exporting more than 50 percent. In the past years we largely expanded and modernised our refinery and filling facilities in Wels. The new press in Ennsdorf is the core of our growth strategy.”

Up to 30,000 tonnes of oilseeds (mainly rapeseed, sunflower and soya) shall be processed in the new press in Ennsdorf. This means 10,000 tonnes of oil, which is forwarded to Wels for further processing and filling, and 20,000 tonnes of high-quality, non-genetically modified protein feed for Austrian agriculture.

VFI, headquarters in Wels, Upper Austria, has about 160 employees and produces high quality vegetable oils and fats, generating annual turnover of EUR 150 million. Particularly organic oils and special products for the food industry are globally exported.;