Ground-breaking ceremony for Terminal II in the Cargo Center Graz

Further expansion of the CCG to ‘Styria’s Cargo City’ should ensure top position along the Baltic-Adriatic corridor

Ground-breaking ceremony for Terminal II in the Cargo Center Graz

On November 15th, the ground-breaking ceremony for a second container terminal was held in Graz in the presence of Anton Lang, Landesrat and  Ernst Gödl, parlamentary representative, as well as State Construction Director Andreas Tropper and top representatives of the state administration. The managing directors of the Cargo Center Graz (CCG), Franz Glanz and Christian Steindl, as well as the Styrian railway company STLB with its director Ronald Kiss took the opportunity to give a preview of the next years.

The first step to create an additional container warehouse is more than necessary, because STLB, as the operator of the existing container terminal, has reached the capacity limits, and the development of container and combined transport turnover is expected to grow by approximately 10 per cent annually over the next few years. “Especially after completion of the Koralm and Semmering tunnels, the expansion of a second terminal is essential and will put the Cargo Center Graz in a top position along the Baltic-Adriatic corridor”, reads a letter.

The growth in the container business and the continuous expansion of the logistics real estate at the location – more than 1 million m² of total space have been developed – also make it necessary to connect the Cargo Center Graz to the Kalsdorf motorway junction. The implementation is planned for 2019. The CCG management expects further investments of between EUR 150 and 200 million at the site within the next 10 years. This should give the CCG a leading position among the European logistics centers and become ‘Styria’s Cargo City’.