Greiwing logistics center in Burghausen near completion

Commissioning planned for 2018: with EUR 33 million investment, 80 new jobs will be created

Greiwing logistics center in Burghausen near completion

Works at the new Greiwing logistics for you GmbH location in Burghausen, southern Bavaria, are entering the final stage. After completion, the new 60,000 m² logistics center in the Bavarian Chemiedreieck region will be connected directly to the global logistics industry via the Burghausen terminal for combined transport. With around 80 employees, Greiwing will primarily provide contract logistics for its customers from the nearby chemical parks in Burghausen and Burgkirchen.

The first stage of construction, with a 9,000 m² logistics hall, outdoor facilities covering an area of ​​around 30,000 m² and the administration building, has already been completed. The logistics hall accommodates a storage area for 15,000 pallets in a mobile rack, two silage halls, a filling area with three filling silos and a capacity of 120 cubic meters each, as well as two cleaning systems for silo and tank cleaning and truck wash. In addition, a high-silo system with 24 silos of 355 cubic meters is to be completed this year.

In stage two, a 11,500 m² logistics hall with four fully automatedc unloading facilities will be built. The system will also feature eight conventional ramps to ensure quick loading and unloading at all times. The hall is divided into three sections, which are also separated from each other by fire protection walls. Section one will be equipped with a gas extinguishing system. In the future, the logistics service provider will store hazardous substances, and substances up to water hazard class 3. In section two, from the end of 2018, substances up to class 2 can be stored. Section three is designed for storage according to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

“Our new location enables us to offer all logistical services to our customers. We will focus on value added services, which we can offer even more environmentally friendly thansk to the proximity to the CT terminal,” says Jürgen Greiwing, Managing Partner of Greiwing logistics for you GmbH.

The Greiwing logistics for you GmbH is an international specialist for full-range solutions in silo logistics. The family-run company has nearly 90 years of industry experience and ten locations in Germany. In addition to their headquarters in Greven, these include branches in Wesel, Duisburg, Raunheim, Worms, Ludwigshafen, Weiden, Leipheim and Burghausen / Gendorf. Greiwing currently employs 780 people and generates a turnover of over EUR 90 million.