Great recognition of Gabriela Lugmayr from DB Schenker in Röthis

The professional trainer from Vorarlberg led the Austrian freight forwarder Sarah Ruckenstuhl to the bronze medal at the professional world championship

Great recognition of Gabriela Lugmayr from DB Schenker in Röthis

For the first time, forwarding merchants were represented in the professional world championships in Abu Dhabi thanks to an Austria initiative. Gabriela Lugmayr from the global logistics provider DB Schenker from Röthis was nominated as Chief Expert – a challenging task that was rewarded with the bronze medal for the Austrian participant Sarah Ruckenstuhl – and with the Hans Huber Foundation Prize for her “trainer”.

Gabriela Lugmayr was Chief Expert at the World Professional Championships in Abu Dhabi, the coordinator and organiser of activities in the “Team Austria” of freight forwarding agents. At the same time she supervised as a trainer the haulage merchant Sarah Ruckenstuhl from Styria.

Perseverance and the will to win a medal have driven her candidate, said Gabriela Lugmayr. She also said to her: learn, learn, learn. That was necessary because the competition tasks were complex; These included, for example, an offer, customer advice on delivery and payment warranties, insurance, customs or dangerous goods, the organisation and monitoring of shipments by water, air and land, or complaint handling.

The preparations began almost a year before the World Professional Championships: all participants from Austria benefited from mental and fitness training. In addition, the candidate practiced tasks from the entire freight forwarding sector: various departments were involved, such as land transport, air freight or sea freight.

Gabriela Lugmayr is a passionate freight forwarder. This also explains her great dedication to the profession and the professional world championship with many evening hours, weekends and a few vacation days that had to be used for the World Cup preparation: “My motivation is my love for ‘my’ profession. I want to pass on my knowledge to young talents,” she says. It made it easier for her that she had been able to do some of the work for the World Cup during her working hours.

Gabriela Lugmayr’s career makes it clear that the career opportunities with an optimal basic education and corresponding further education are far-reaching: For example, the former Head of Air and Sea Freight changed to quality, environmental and safety management. Experience in property maintenance and occupational safety complete her experience, which benefits her as a long-time apprentice representative and examiner for final apprenticeship exams.

In the Association of Forwaridng & Logistics Gabriela Lugmayr is in the committee for the AustriaSkills, the national professional championships. She hopes that her commitment and the Hans Huber Foundation’s award will help attract more young people to the freight forwarding industry.