Göss brewery puts emphasis on logistics

The world’s first “green large-scale brewery” counts on modern and efficient technology for production and improves its event logistics

Göss brewery puts emphasis on logistics

Ongoing investments keep the Göss brewery in Styria always up to date. The latest technology makes production and logistics processes more efficient. For example, the beer is now filled in the new canning plant directly in Göss, and not as previously in Schwechat.

Andreas Werner, brewmaster at Göss brewery, explains: “Our canning line can fill 40,000 cans per hour – thus Gösser beer is actually only filled in Göss. This saves trucking and is also a benefit for the environment.”

“In the course of the conversion EUR 2 million will also be invested into event logistics”, Andreas Werner adds. So this means by appointment individuals or restaurant owners can pick up on their own equipment for their events. The products range from beer tables to beer coolers, refrigerators and sun umbrellas.

On the other hand the event team in Göss also supplies and manages various events – around 4,000 festivals of different sizes each year. At peak times, 80 pallets per day are delivered; the average is about 20 daily pallets.