GLS Austria: New IT solution to optimise the customer service

The parcel company relies on Consol CM, a customer-oriented low-code platform, to improve its workflows

GLS Austria: New IT solution to optimise the customer service

GLS Austria uses the new Consol solution primarily for customer service and complaints management. Typical applications are e.g. recipient queries for a parcel, for example with regard to delivery time and complaints for late delivery, as well as customer requests for shipping prices and logistics. The system is seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure of the parcel company. Via an included e-mail service, requests to GLS via e-mail are processed by Consol CM. A link with the existing parcel information system is in the pipeline, giving the agents access to parcel data.

The Consol solution offers numerous advantages: the employees can now use a central system for processing complaints and inquiries from customers and recipients. As a result, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) times are also met. All processes are logged and an automatic escalation is carried out if the request is not processed. In addition, the service is improved for customers and recipients as they automatically receive receipts via e-mail, which already contain important information, for example the parcel delivery status, and thus a further inquiry by the customer on this data is unnecessary.

“We are very satisfied with the Consol solution. It runs smoothly and has led to an improvement in customer service processes in our company. We can thus process significantly more requests per day,” emphasises Axel Spörl, Managing Director of GLS Austria.

In the past, GLS Austria has manually processed all customer requests, ie companies that send or receive parcels. The parcel logistics company wanted to change this approach sustainably, which is why the made contact with Consol Austria GmbH.;