Girteka Logistics takes its truck number 7,000 in operation

Europe’s largest FTL trucking company sees continuous growth on the backdrop of investments into employees, technology and the fleet

Girteka Logistics takes its truck number 7,000 in operation Bild: Girteka Logistics

“Brexit, EU legislation, potentially slowing EU economies and even more challenges will come to our industry. With our size and internal process maturity we find ways to adapt to such changes, to do our job well and to continue being environmentally friendly,” says Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Girteka Logistics.

The Lithuanian transport and logistics companx has grown its fleet to 7,000 trucks from 2,900 units in 2016. Today, the biggest brand in the fleet is Volvo’s standard-setting FH trucks. The expansion doesn’t stop here: Girteka Logistics plans to reach 10,000 trucks and 20,000 drivers by 2021, with Volvo Trucks being the key partner.

Europe’s biggest companies are looking for consistent quality and a high level of sustainability when selecting transport providers. With the European trucking industry being highly fragmented, having the largest fleet of FTL trucks in Europe means Girteka Logistics can compete on quality, technology and sustainability.

“As one of the top players in the European trucking industry, we see scale and process quality as our key advantages. Using this scale supports our aim to keep growing faster than our competitors. We are today able to hire and onboard in excess of 100 new truck drivers per week,” adds Mindaugas Paulauskas, Chief Transport Officer at Girteka Logistics.