Geis Group sets the course for a step-by-step generation change

The international full-service logistics provider appoints Hans-Wolfgang and Jochen Geis as managers of the holding company

Geis Group sets the course for a step-by-step generation change

The internationally operating Geis Group has appointed Hans-Wolfgang Geis and Jochen Geis as further managers of Geis Holding GmbH & Co.KG with effect from 1 August this year.  The management board of the Geis holding company is thus composed of Hans Georg Geis and his son Hans-Wolfgang Geis, Wolfgang Geis and his son Jochen Geis, Joachim Fink and Dr. Johannes Söllner.

“With the appointment of our sons, we create the conditions for continuity and the continuation of the Geis Group as a family company”, said Hans-Georg Geis and Wolfgang Geis. “The generation change will be completed step-by-step in the next few years.”

Hans-Wolfgang Geis (51) has joined the company 17 years ago; Jochen Geis (33) has been active in the Geis Group since 2009. Both therefore have founded and comprehensive experience for current and future tasks.  Their appointment to the management board of the holding company makes Hans-Wolfgang and Jochen Geis authorised signatories under the umbrella of the Geis holding companies.

Established in 1948, the Geis Group with its headquarters in Bad Neustadt, Franconia has evolved into a global full-service logistics provider with more than 6,000 employees at 140 own network and logistics sites in Europe. The owner-held company provides its customers a complete range of logistics services – from classic truck transport to global air and sea freight, and complex logistics services.