Gefco remains on the fast lane in Hungary and Ukraine

The 3PL specialist is now the regional freight forwarder of Volvo Trucks in Hungary and Romania and has been involved in the Ukraine for ten years

Gefco remains on the fast lane in Hungary and Ukraine

Gefco Hungary has won Volvo Trucks as a new customer. The cooperation includes all transports from the Hungarian and Romanian suppliers to the Volvo Truck factories in France.

Thanks to this cooperation, Gefco Hungary will be able to improve its network towards the hubs in France. This also provides the opportunity to optimise the delivery of LTLs to this country – specifically within the Lyon and Blainville zones.

On May 17, Gefco celebrated its ten-year presence in the Ukrainian market. During this period, the company developed into the leading 3 PL logistics provider in the automotive logistics sector, successfully expanding its customer portfolio and expanding its service and solution offering for the supply chains of leading Ukrainian and international business partners.

“Over the past decade, we have successfully exploited our opportunities in the Ukrainian market, thanks to our know-how and ability to develop end-to-end solutions for our clients. Today, we aim to further strengthen our position in this country with innovations that benefit our business partners,” said Luc Nadal, CEO of Gefco.