Gebrüder Weiss are expanding their Caucasus hub in Georgia

Since their market entry in 2013, the GW branch in Tbilisi has become a central hub for Georgia, Armenia and Azerbeijan

Gebrüder Weiss are expanding their Caucasus hub in Georgia

The Georgian economy has shown positive development in recent years, with a growth rate of around 5 per cent in 2017 – benefiting from higher levels of local consumption, increase in exports, and growing tourism. Also, the volume of shipments of Gebrüder Weiss has risen by some 20 per cent per year since their market entry in 2013.

Against this background, the capacity of the branch located in the immediate vicinity of Tbilisi airport will soon approach its limit (10,500 m² storage space, 95,000 m² total area). For this reason, the international transport and logistics company is investing around EUR 2.5 million into the new logistics facility comprising 2,000 m² of cross-docking and 6,000 m² of open space. After the opening scheduled for the end of 2018, around 160 members of staff (previously 130) will take care of customers’ needs in the new office building (300 m²). 

Thomas Moser, Director and Regional Manager Black Sea/CIS at Gebrüder Weiss, explains: “With this, we have one of the most advanced logistics terminals in the region together with extensive knowledge of the transport routes.” The portfolio comprises not only land, sea and air transport but also logistics solutions, project business and customs clearance and storage services. The forwarding company’s expertise lies not only in their logistics know-how but also their familiarity with Caucasian law, customs practices, language and culture.

The terminal in Tbilisi is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TAPA-certified. This enables Gebrüder Weiss to identify security risks at an early stage, manage them and prevent loss of high quality goods. The logistics terminal will not only store products from international manufacturers of cleaning equipment and electrical tools, but also spare parts for a nation-wide network of automotive repair shops.

Ten to 15 times a week, Gebrüder Weiss transports goods directly to Georgia and further to Armenia and Azerbaijanfor customers operating throughout Europe. The goods are collected from all over Europe – mainly Austria, Italy, France, Germany and Benelux – and bundled in Vienna (Austria), Frankfurt a.M. (Germany) or Treviso (Italy).

“Our excellence lies in the short lead time of eight days maximum for the approximately 4,000-kilometer route,” says Alexander Kharlamov, Country Manager Gebrüder Weiss Georgia. Gebrüder Weiss also offers two to three weekly departures to Georgia from Istanbul (Turkey). Regarding exports, it was Russia in particular that is developing into the new emerging market for the Caucasus region with machine parts, wine and mineral water.

In the medium term, the company plans to expand its logistics services in the region and to open further offices in Central Asia. In addition to locations in Georgia, Turkey, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and China, at the beginning of 2017 Gebrüder Weiss had opened a representative office in Yerevan, Armenia as well – another stop on the route of the former Silk Road between Europe and Asia.