Gebrüder Weiss: More logistics surface in Carinthia

The location expanded for approximately EUR 5 million in Maria Saal will serve the customers in Carinthia and East Tyrol

Gebrüder Weiss: More logistics surface in Carinthia Bild: Gebrüder Weiss

The forwarding company Gebrüder Weiss has completed the fourth expansion of its location in Maria Saal, Carinthia. For approximately EUR 5 million, another 2,300 m² of logistics area, 750 m² new offices and more than 6,000 m² paved circulation area were constructed. On May 25th, the added building was inaugurated in a ceremony.

The extension had become necessary because the existing capacity was almost exhausted thanks to a very positive order situation. “By expanding our location, we set the course for the future potential of Gebrüder Weiss in Carinthia, at the same time committing to economic growth in the region,” says Markus Ebner, Branch Manager of Gebrüder Weiss Maria Saal.

In the past financial year, Gebrüder Weiss Maria Saal handled more than 370,000 consignments from and to Carinthia – up 15 per cent on 2017, thus the most successful year in its history. Currently, the logistics company employs some 100 people; 200 truck trips are made every day, a record high of the forwarding company in Carinthia, reports the Austrian state broadcast station ORF.

The forwarder’s biggest growth driver is its home delivery service, thus the delivery to end customers ordering online. In the past year, Gebrüder Weiss delivered more than 350,000 consignments throughout Austria, mainly fridges, washing machines or furniture. The service to private customers also includes installation and setup of big devices. 

The logistics company has been active in Carinthia since 1992. The logistics portfolio ranges from land transports via air and sea freight through to individual logistics solutions. Gebrüder Weiss are particularly proud of their apprenticeship. Around one third of their current employees was trained to become forwarders in Maria Saal, Markus Ebner said in the ORF interview.