Gartner KG about to take over Gustav Ziegler GmbH (Germany)

With the planned acquisition of the company, Gartner KG is strengthening its position in the international special transport segment

Gartner KG about to take over Gustav Ziegler GmbH (Germany)

Gartner Transport Holding GmbH (Austria) intends to purchase through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Gartner Speditions GmbH (Austria) all shares in Gustav Ziegler GmbH (Germany). The merger project was notified to the Federal Competition Authority on 23 June, and covers the transport of goods by road, including logistics and ancillary services.

The Gustav Ziegler company was founded by Gustav Ziegler in Dürmentingen (Baden-Württemberg) in the late 1930s. Initially they transported wood and pulp, later on also agricultural machinery, which formed the focus of the family enterprise. In the early nineties Gustav Ziegler GmbH specialized increasingly on the transportation of agricultural and construction machinery. This development was further supported by a commercial vehicle service that was set up. Today, more than 70 employees are working for the European third-generation family-owned company, which is also run by the third generation.

Transport volume Gustav Ziegler GmbH / year:

  • 1,100 vehicles
  • 8,000 tractors
  • 5,000 agricultural equipment
  • 55 combine harvesters
  • 270 buses
  • 430 construction machines
  • 420 mobile homes
  • 550 loads of industrial goods

Gartner KG is the leading private transport company in Austria with its company headquarters in Lambach near Wels as well as branch offices, subsidiaries and cooperation partners in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Spain, France, Belgium, Greece and Czech Republic. 100 per cent of the shares are owned by a family in Austria.

The company exists for almost 100 years and is owned by an Austrian family. The Gartner group employs approximately 3,450 persons in Europe (850 of them in Austria) and it achieved consolidated annual turnover of approximately EUR 480 million during the last business year.

Gartner currently owns a truck fleet with approximately 1,700 traction units as well as 2,300 trailers. Starting in 2003, the company is also active with increasing traffic numbers in the area of the unattended combined transport street-rail.;