Gaerner GmbH: Climate-friendly delivery with Gebrüder Weiss

The international transport and logistics company provides CO2 neutral transport when delivering goods throughout Austria for the mail order company

Gaerner GmbH: Climate-friendly delivery with Gebrüder Weiss

Gebrüder Weiss has developed a solution to provide CO2 neutral transport for its customer, Gaerner GmbH (Elixhausen). The mail order company specialising in business equipment would like to improve its carbon footprint by using carbon offsetting. Gebrüder Weiss therefore calculates the CO2 emissions generated for each kilometre driven when delivering by truck. The international transport company then purchases emissions reduction certificates for its customer. These match the amount of emissions generated and represent well-known, international climate protection projects.

“The logistics processes generate approximately 37 percent of all the CO2 emissions for Gaerner GmbH – and are therefore a key determining factor when it comes to reducing emissions. We would like our transport to be climate-neutral and trust the expertise of our long-term partner, Gebrüder Weiss in this respect,” explained Mag. Rudolf Aster, Managing Director at Gaerner GmbH. Overall, Gebrüder Weiss transports approximately 7,500 consignments throughout Austria annually for the mail order company.

The certificates purchased by Gebrüder Weiss support Grupo Tavares in North Brazil on behalf of Gaerner GmbH. This traditional company manufactures roof tiles and bricks and has changed over to using sustainable biomass for its firing process. The climate protection project is certified by TÜV and dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity, especially the existing mangrove forests.

“Many companies now have a greater sense of responsibility towards the environment. Supporting climate protection projects means we can offer our customers a sustainable method of offsetting CO2 emissions,” says Peter Schafleitner, Director and Regional Manager Central at Gebrüder Weiss.

Gaerner GmbH has been a Gebrüder Weiss customer since the mid-1990s. In addition to transport, the logistics services also include order picking and packaging work as well as the warehousing of products, and the assembly and handling of returns.;