Frischlogistik GmbH implementing new warehouse system in Baden

Subsidiary of NÖM AG acquires the 4 hectares Baumax area to store long-life dairy products

Frischlogistik GmbH implementing new warehouse system in Baden

In 2015, all Baumax stores were closed forever, and so was the location in Baden, close to the premises of NÖM AG. The company Baumärkte A. Sochor & Co GmbH, which is a franchisee of the OBI company, eventually bought the 40.000 m² property from the bankruptcy estate at that time. As a result of to the steady growth of NÖM AG, they were interessted in acquiring this adjacent premises.

After a one-year negotiation period, the contract was signed in mid-March, and the former Baumax premises was transferred to its new owner Frischlogistik GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of NÖM AG.

“We will implement a completely new warehousing system and centralise some smaller warehouses, which are currently located in the outskirts of Vienna. This way we can sustainably reduce many truck kilometers within the enterprise,” Andreas Hofbauer, CEO of Frischlogistik GmbH, comments on the warehouse next to NÖM.We will use the four-hectares site with the existing building for uncooled products of NÖM,” he describes the reasons for the purchase.

“To meet all market trends to meet with new packaging, we invest between EUR 10 and 15 million annually into new technologies, so as finally to provide our consumers with innovations in the usual NÖM manner,” says Ing. Josef Simon, CEO of NÖM AG.”Thus it was a logical consequence to invest and buy the the former Baumax premises to consolidate our site in Baden”, he adds.