Freightlink enters the Romanian market

The UK-based company aims the sale of 5,000 tickets in the first year of operation in Romania

Freightlink enters the Romanian market

UK-based provider of online freight ferry tickets Freightlink announced on Wednesday it decided to enter the Romanian market, targeting the sale of 5,000 tickets in the first year of operations in the country.

The destinations requiring ferryboat are increasingly sought by Romanians as, according to data of the UK transport ministry, over 60,000 Romania-registered freight transportation vehicles crossed the borders of Britain in 2015, Freightlink said in a press release.

The Freightlink platform for Romanian users will provide over 400 freight ferry routes, including Northern Africa, Iceland, Tunisia, Channel Islands, Canary Islands or Finland.

Freightlink is a UK based agent offering low cost freight ferry tickets across the UK and Europe. The company sells freight ferry tickets to couriers, hauliers, manufacturers and many other business sectors across Europe, for more than 550 ferry routes across more than 30 countries.