Franz-Josefs-Bahn: Reduced service in cargo transport

ČD Cargo termiantes the Gmünd – Česke Velenice connection; ÖBB cuts the train pair 45514/45513

Franz-Josefs-Bahn: Reduced service in cargo transport

The Franz-Josef-Bahn (FJB) will see some big changes when it comes to rail freight traffic in autumn 2017. The key action will be the termination of the last cross-border freight train service between Gmünd and Česke Velenice by ČD Cargo, the cargo division of České dráhy (ČD), as of 1 September 2017. This is what the news service NÖ Wirtschaftspressedienst reports from sources in the rail industry.

In line with this change, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) will terminate the train pair 45514/45513 between the Schwarzenau and Gmünd train stations from Monday to Friday, which transported cargo waggons to Gmünd for the cross-border freight train in the direction of Česke Velenice.

The planned changes in rail freight traffic will also become visible on the road in the districts of Gmünd and Zwettl. The main freight of the last cross-border goods train is roundwood, which is transported from the Czech Republic to a large wood processing plant in Brand in the district of Zwettl. From September 1, these transports will be shifted to the road, and will be operated by a regional haulier who has to cover about 200 kilometers from the state border to the loading stations with his trucks.

In autumn also the cargo transport on the side link from Schwarzenau to Waldhausen will be ended. The currently five train pairs between Schwarzenau and Zwettl or Waldhausen, respectively, will be reduced to three train pairs from September 1, 2017.;;