Fracht Group acquires Billitz companies in Austria and Hungary

Integration into the worldwide network of the Basel project logistics specialist makes the range of services offered by the Austrian forwarding agency more diverse

Fracht Group acquires Billitz companies in Austria and Hungary Bild: ÖVZ

Billitz GmbH and Billitz Hungaria & Partner Kft had a change in their ownership structure. Since July 1st 2019, the Fracht Group company Fracht FWO GmbH, which is based at Flughafen Wien, holds 100 per cent of the two companies operating sites in Gallbrunn and Hirtenberg (both Austria) and Papa (Hungary). This is what the two managing directors Franz Hofbauer (Billitz) and Rudolf Bsteh (Fracht FWO) announced in an interview with the OEVZ magazine.

In order to take account of the constantly changing market conditions, it was necessary to bring an international partner on board for the main area “Dangerous Goods Class 1” of Billitz GmbH. Fracht FWO GmbH, based at Vienna International Airport, and the Austrian freight forwarding company repeatedly found themselves in a competitive situation in various tenders, and the question arose whether a partnership would be of common interest.

The final discussion resulted in a synergy of the individual priorities (project transports, heavy goods transports and dangerous goods transports). This realisation led to the now announced transaction, whereby the special transports of both companies continue to be handled and charged independently. 

“My main concern was that my longtime employees, customers and suppliers would not suffer any losses as a result of my departure as Managing Director at the end of 2019 – in Hungary at the end of February 2020. With Fracht AG in Basel, we are present in over 100 countries directly on site, so that we can now offer worldwide door to door transport,” says Franz Hofbauer. All eleven employees of the Billitz company were taken over.

From now on they will be able to respond more quickly to changes in the market and make IMDG / IATA / ADN / ADR / RID transports more efficient. The quality of services will continue to increase and the logistics offer at the Gallbrunn location will be expanded.