First time: Nothegger Intermodal moves 100,000 shipments a year

Intermodal transport solutions account for already more than 40 percent of the total sales revenue

First time: Nothegger Intermodal moves 100,000 shipments a year

Providing a pan-European logistics network for all kinds of goods, including temperature-sensitive food, Nothegger Transport Logistik GmbH, headquartered in St. Ulrich am Pillersee, Tyrol, has been continuously on the rise. The “Intermodal” business segment is developing particularly well; a service to Turkey was added recently.

Nothegger Transport Logistik moves around 2,200 transport units weekly in intermodal transport by rail. About 850 intermodal units are part of the vehicle fleet of the family enterprise with 1,500 employees at 15 locations in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia and Romania. Its core business region is the corridor between Germany and Italy, where about 70 percent of the total volume is transported by rail.

On the Wels – Dietikon route, the offer was increased to weekly rotations in in the calendar week 29, thus responding to the sharp rise in demand from the furniture, paper and steel sector. Each train will stop in Hall, Tyrol to load and unload six intermodal transport units.

On the route between Trieste and Wels, Nothegger Transport Logistik currently operates three weekly rotations; traction is provided by the private railway company ecco-rail GmbH. The transport is based on a cooperation between the Tyrolean transport logistics company and the Turkish companies Greenlog Intermodal and Alternative Transport for the ro-ro services along the corridor from Trieste EMT (Europe Multipurpose Terminal) to Istanbul.