First self-storage opened in Vienna’s city center

The most central self-storage in Austria’s capital is launched under the brand name Storebox

First self-storage opened in Vienna’s city center

On June 8, Storebox opens Vienna’s most central self-store. The “Storebox Freyung” will be opened at Tiefer Graben 21, 1010 Vienna. This is the fourth location in Vienna, which is run under the brand name Storebox.

In order to simplify the booking process and the usability of the storage areas, a completely new digital solution was developed which gives immediate access as soon as the booking is completed. Furthermore, temperature and humidity in the storage boxes can be measured using modern sensors – and read easily via smartphone or computer. In order to meet the needs of all customers, a Storebox can also be booked ‘offline’ with an employee.

On June 13, the official opening ceremony of the “Storebox Freyung” will take place. From 3 pm the premises will be open to the general public. For this event, young aspiring artists from Vienna will decorate the boxes with their art.

Storebox plans to grow further in Vienna. “In the coming months, we intend to expand into other inner-city districts to offer our customers a comprehensive warehouse network,” said CEO Johannes Braith. Furthermore, the company is working on its national and international expansion.

Storebox defines itself as an innovative, urban on-demand storage that is just around the corner. The sites are located directly in the districts, in order to minimise the walking and travel routes for the customers.