Fiala-Awards for Lkw Walter, Vögel Transporte, …

… the freight forwarding companies A. Herbst, Schöffl and Zdenko Dworak as well as Ms. Ingrid Nebel

Fiala-Awards for Lkw Walter, Vögel Transporte, …

“Forwarding revenues are so marginal compared to the goods value, so good insurance coverage to transport liability are indispensable for our industry,” emphasised Mag. Wolfram Senger-Weiss, President of the Austrian Association of Forwarding and Logistics, on 17 November in his speech on the occassion of the 70th anniversary of the Versicherungsbüro Dr. med. Ignaz Fiala GmbH.

More than 200 guests attended the ceremony at the premises of the Federation of Austrian Industrialists in Vienna; among them were Johann Anderl (Lkw Walter), Franz Danninger (Hofmann & Neffe), Davor Sertic (Unitcargo), Alfred Ferstl (A. Ferstl), Herwig Vögel (Vögel Transporte), Hubert Mierka (Rhenus Donauhafen Krems), Gerald Wieser (Rail Cargo Logistics), Christian Danzer (Gartner KG), Karl Böntner (Saexinger), Karl Schöner (BTG Spedition und Logistik), Ingrid Glauninger (Montan Spedition), Hertha Angerer (Scan-Cargo), Johann Kern (TVS Spedition), Franz Hofbauer (Billitz), Josef Müller (Drautrans) and Clemens Waldmann (Select Versicherungsberatung).

Fiala’s CEO, Dr. Josef Traxler, took the occasion as an opportunity to thank his customers from the very beginning for their loyalty in the past 70 years. He did this in the form of awarding certificates to the Forwarding companies Lkw Walter (Wiener Neudorf), Vögel Transporte (Bludesch), Spedition A. Herbst (Rottenmann), Schöffl (Linz) and Zdenko Dworak (Vienna). Also Ingrid Nebel was honored; she has been working at Fiala since 1975.

Olivera Böhm, Uniqa Austria and Wolfgang Petschko, Vienna Insurance Group, honored the Fiala team in a short speech as a very specialised platform, and people who know what to do in the segment of transport liability, and who work passionately on the constant development of insurance products.