Fercam and Isline: joint venture for air and sea freight

Israel’s industry has been growing rapidly for years – and in line with that also the need for international transport and logistics services

Fercam and Isline: joint venture for air and sea freight

The internationally operating logistics company Fercam from South Tyrol continues its worldwide expansion in the Air & Ocean business segment. For this purpose, a joint venture with the longstanding Israeli logistics partner Isline was founded and named “A Class Worldwide by Isline & Fercam”, which will commence operations on 1 January 2019. The contract for the joint venture was signed by Fercam’s CEO Hannes Baumgartner, and Reuven and Orel Hershkovitch, owners of the Israeli freight forwarding company Isline on 10 December 2018 in Bolzano.

The objective of the joint venture is to become the leading European maritime and aviation logistics provider to and from Israel and Cyprus, with tailored projects for these two markets. Special attention will be given by both partners in Cyprus and its central role as one of the main e-commerce platforms for the Mediterranean in the medium term. The services of “A Class Worldwide by Isline & Fercam” range from air and sea freight transactions to customs clearance.

Through this joint venture with the Israeli logistics partner Fercam intend to further expand their own Air & Ocean department worldwide, thereby strengthening their own market position in the Israeli market. The joint venture is headquartered in Milan, with the entire branch and correspondent network of Fercam and Israeli Isline being available as distribution points for the joint venture.

“For us and many of our global customers Israel and the Middle East are an important market and an important international hub,” said Hannes Baumgartner, Managing Director of Fercam. “Isline is our longtime partner and a company that thinks like us.”

Founded in 1986, Isline, with its headquarters in Tel Aviv and six more offices, is one of Israel’s leading logistics companies, with a focus on international traffic from Italy. The experience gained through Italian traffic has contributed significantly to the growth of the company and its expansion throughout Europe.

The South Tyrolean Fercam AG, headquartered in Bolzano, is one of the leading transport and logistics service providers in Italy with around 3,350 of its own loading units and more than 1.2 million m² of storage space. The company’s services include international full load transports on road and rail as well as worldwide sea and air freight transports, national general cargo transports and numerous logistics services. Fercam has 93 branches throughout Europe, 63 of them in Italy, 24 through its own subsidiaries and another six in Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Serbia and Albania.

www.fercam.com; www.isline.co.il