“Female pilot of the road” is on tour for Hödlmayr High & Heavy

New staff member Zaneta Fülöpová proves herself in the exciting discipline of steering special trailer trucks

“Female pilot of the road” is on tour for Hödlmayr High & Heavy

Just recently, Zaneta Fülöpová (36) took up the special challenges presented by Hödlmayr High & Heavy and is now enthusiastically steering one of the company’s specially developed special trailer trucks. Like all Hödlmayr drivers, Zaneta Fülöpová has also completed the company’s in-depth basic training and along with rest of the team has a constant focus on topics such as load safety and eco-driving, which are of great professional relevance.  

Michael Wöckinger, the Hödlmayr High & Heavy GmbH CEO, is not only pleased by the female addition to his drivers, but is also at pains to stress: “Our ‘pilots of the road’ stand out because of their special qualifications, which involve far more than simple transportation. In the High & Heavy area, where trucks, construction machinery and commercial vehicles are the cargo, loading, unloading and load safety constitute a considerable challenge.”  

Zaneta Fülöpová has a 13-year-old son and gathered a wealth of valuable automotive industry experience and know-how during a long period spent working for a Japanese car manufacturer in Hungary.