Felbermayr takes an heavy duty for Austrian Power Grid

A transformer core weighing approximately 108 tonnes was tandem-lifted from the kettle in Ernsthofen (Lower Austria)

Felbermayr takes an heavy duty for Austrian Power Grid

The substation of Austrian Power Grid in Ernsthofen, Lower Austria is one of the four major network nodes of Austria’s electricity supply. By the end of February, a 50 year old transformer was taken off the network. To keep transport costs as low as possible, the voltage converter should have been locally dismantled into its components right on the transformer foundation.

Due to the dimensions and the high weight also the lifting of the transformer core was a challenging task, says Franz Brunbauer, project manager Felbermayr: “After considering several options, we have made the decision to use two cranes to double-lift the transformer core from the kettle. We used cranes with 200 and 250 tonnes of maximum lifting capacity.”

Previous to that, the rail-based large transformer was removed by grippers about ten metres from its from its original place. “Only after that, the 108-tonnes core was lifted out of the chassis and put back to its original place. Thereafter, the voltage transformer was finally dismantled into its usable items, while avoiding any environmental hazard.