Facilitation of delivery traffic in Vienna

New agreement in the Austrian capital opens the city’s residential parking zones between 8 am and 4 pm

Facilitation of delivery traffic in Vienna

The City of Vienna and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce have agreed on facilitations for companies with respect to parking in Vienna. The relevant agreement was signed on May 22 by Vienna’s Vice-Mayor Maria Vassilakou and Walter Ruck, President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

The key points of the agreement:

-) Simplified proof and documentation obligation for the parking card (park sticker for entrepreneurs). Up to now, many documents had to be presented during the application process.

-) All vehicles which are suitable for the operation can now obtain an exemption permit. The exemptions are valid for the registration number.

-) Applications can also be submitted online.

-) The residential parking areas are open to everybody from 8 am to 4 pm.

The regulations for establishing residential parking zones will be amended by this passage. However, the implementation of this decision will take some time, as it has to be done on district level. “But I assume that we should be able to complete this before the end of this year, as many districts have long hoped for this change,” Maria Vassilakou said in front of the press.

Referring to current surveys, Walter Ruck pointed out that the vast majority of Vienna’s population wants open residential parking zones during the daytime. For entrepreneurs, commercial traffic, suppliers and customers, parking in Vienna should become easier, he disclosed.

As for delivery traffic, the opening of the residential parking zones from 8 am to 4 pm means an enormous relief – not only for the entrepreneurs, but also for the consumers. “Nobody who moves wants furniture or a piano to be towed 500 meters over streets and walkways,” emphasised Davor Sertic, Chairman of the professional group for transport in the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

“This can help avoiding scratches, accidents and similar things. At the same time, the dwell time and the order time can be reduced. This gives the carrier time for additional journeys and saves money for the customer. The economy will get another impetus from that,” Sertics adds. Another positive effect is the reduced amount of CO2 emissions, because the drivers no longer have to drive around looking for a parking lot.

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