“Excellent teamwork” of LogServ and Primetals

In the actually internal competition Primetals Category Management the two companies won the award for the “Best Team”

“Excellent teamwork” of LogServ and Primetals

In the competition, which was announced by the Primetals Supply Chain organisation, it was required to identify the highest savings in six categories, including logistics. LogServ has been cooperating successfully with the Primetals Logistics Team Linz for 16 years, and is also in charge of purchasing logistical services. Since this year, the company accompanies selected projects as a “Lead Logistics Provider”, which include several Primetals sites.

It makes it all the more pleasing that the Primetals logistics team honored the services provided by LogServ by giving the actually internally announced prize to LogServ. The two companies are both very happy about the “Best Team” award.

Primetals is a full-line provider operating along the entire value added chain. The company’s tasks include the procurement of mechanical, electrical and automatic equipment, components and engineering. The tasks involved, such as quality control of suppliers, acceleration, monitoring, inspection, logistics, export control and customs are also part of the scope.

Logistik Service GmbH (LogServ) was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of voestalpine Stahl GmbH. As a full service provider with some decades of experience in the field of industrial logistics, the company is a partner of the domestic large-scale industry. Their customers mainly come from the metal production and processing, building materials and process industry, mechanical and plant engineering, or automotive and automotive supply industry.