EUR 11 million investment at Socep container terminal

Socep, part of the DD Group, is one of the most important port operators in Constanta port

EUR 11 million investment at Socep container terminal

On May 24, 2017, the unloading of „Wanda A”, which is part of the fleet of Turkish company Arkas Line, has started at the Socep terminal. The vessel, with a length of 184 meters, a width of 24.5 meters, a capacity of 21,990 dwt, respectively 1,604 TEU, has called at Constanta to deliver 216 containers and load 487 containers.

The event has marked the start of operation of the container terminal following the new investment. Its most important part is a giant STS quay crane, the largest in the Black Sea. It can lift up to 65 tonnes, respectively two containers of 20 feet and can operate vessels of 5,000-10,000 TEU, with 22 container rows on the deck, respectively the largest vessels (with a length of 300 meters) which can sail without restrictions in the Black Sea.

Unlike the old cranes in Socep terminal, which can unload at most 25 containers per hour, the new crane can unload up to 45 containers per hour. The investment worth more than EUR 11 million also includes: 2 Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (RTG type), a terminal operating system, eight terminal (yard) tractors and modernization of terminal equipment.

The increased operating capacity at Socep – about 500,000 TEU – will contribute to a new distribution of container flows in the Black Sea basin and in Constanta port.