EPAL reports again discovery of counterfeit UIC pallets

The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) sees its decision confirmed to end the exchangeability agreement with UIC

EPAL reports again discovery of counterfeit UIC pallets

In the course of investigations EPAL has once again found a great number of counterfeit UIC/EUR pallets in Ukraine in early March 2017. The counterfeits were discovered at two pallet producers in Kiev. The company had stored both used and new counterfeit UIC/EUR pallets.

As EPAL found out, production and sale even of large numbers of counterfeit UIC/EUR pallets is no problem for the counterfeiters. By their own account, they do not fear any problems with UIC.

As the owners of the trademarks “UIC” and “EUR in oval” or as guarantor of the quality assurance of UIC/EUR pallets, UIC and Rail Cargo Austria AG (RCA) do obviously still not take any action in order to prevent distribution of counterfeit, substandard UIC/EUR pallets, EPAL claims in a press release.

After the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) had ended the exchangeability agreement with UIC,UIC, the Austrian Economic Chamber and Arbeitsgemeinschaft (ARGE) were trying to refute the reasons for the termination of the shared pool. In a press release of the UIC, they explained that the reason for the termination – to end the counterfeiting of UIC/EUR pallets was “far from any reality.”