EPAL Euro pallets continue to rise

“EPAL in oval” has prevailed as a global brand within three years; Euro pallets of other providers are loosing importance

EPAL Euro pallets continue to rise

The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) reached another record result of 105.5 million EPAL pallets in total (production and repair) in 2016. This is an increase of 4.35 percent compared to the previous year. The production figures of 80.5 million EPAL pallets were 8.93 percent above the figure from 2015; the number of repairs rose by 1 million units to 25 million fixed EPAL pallets.

Martin Leibrandt, CEO EPAL: “It is absolutely impressive that we were able to exceed the 2015 record. We are proud of all EPAL licensees and the work of the EPAL National Committees. Without them, the top result would have been impossible.”

Quality and safety of EPAL Euro pallets are based on three main pillars: International standardisation, constant quality assurance through independent and unannounced inspections of the production and repair as well as legal prosecution of counterfeit pallets. EPAL cooperates with customs authorities, police and lawyers in different countries in order to prevent the import of counterfeit pallets from the beginning.

The EPAL Academy is training customs officers working at the external borders of the European Union. Thanks to this intensive work of EPAL only a small number of fake EPAL Euro pallets get to the market and have to be eliminated. The quality of the EPAL Euro pallets in the EPAL Pallet Pool is therefore high, according to current official figures.

The “EPAL in the oval” brand is protected internationally. Violations of the “EPAL in oval” brand through counterfeit pallets are prosecuted criminally and civilly by EPAL.