Ennshafen: High utilization by winter ships

A total of seven river cruise ships are being revamped for the upcoming summer season in the Upper Austrian Danube port

Ennshafen: High utilization by winter ships

Every year in winter a major overhaul of the vessel, maintenance and repair works as well as various investments are made. Specialist companies for inland water transport are entrusted with these works, mainly from the Netherlands, Germany and of course from Austria. The proximity to the ÖSWAG shipyard in Linz is a significant location advantage. On average, around EUR 120,000 per vessel and season are invested.

During the winter season, 3 to 4 crew members are on board to coordinate the works with the suppliers. In the final weeks before the season starts, the whole crew of about 45 people boards the ship. This preparatory stage is mainly used for trainings and safety checks.

The crew of the winter ships means significant added value for the region of the Ennshafen port. During the winter months this benefits regional service providers, such as taxi companies, restaurants, supermarkets and service providers for everyday needs.

In early April, the summer season will start for the river cruise ships again, and delight passengers with trips on the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, or on the Danube down to the Black Sea. Each of these ships will carry 3,500-4,000 guests per season.