Enhanced capacity at Railport Arad Intermodal

Official opening of the EUR 7 million construction at the Railport Arad intermodal terminal in Curtici (Romania)

Enhanced capacity at Railport Arad Intermodal

The Railport Arad intermodal terminal, part of the Curtici Cargo Center, is the biggest and most up to date inland terminals in Romania and also one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.

With an initial investment of EUR 11 million the logistics hub was set up seven years ago. In 2016 the second phase of construction was implemented, with the following key figures:

-) 9 hectares of built in area out of a total area of 10 hectares,

-) 2 RTG cranes and 2 reach stackers, meaning an annual lifting capacity of 120.000 TEU,

-) 7 railway tracks of more than 600 metres, 5 undercranes and 2 for parking wagon sets,

-) total storage capacity of 3.000 TEU.

The inauguration took place on 30th September 2016 in Curtici, Romania.

www.railportarad.ro; www.tradetrans.com