EMS Log guides sensitive cargo through rough terrain in Albania

Special transport through the rough mountainous south of Albania conducted by two EMS-Fehn-Group companies

EMS Log guides sensitive cargo through rough terrain in Albania

German Albanian Logistics Agency (Durres) together with EMS Log (Bremen) has finished a demanding special transport from Durres to Sheper. They brought a bottling system for sparkling water to the remote mountainous area in southern Albania. The sensitive cargo arrived without a scratch after a ride of 200 kilometres over extremely rough terrain.

„The successful execution of this challenging project shows once again the strength of EMS-Fehn-Group,“ says Manfred Müller, CEO of EMS-Fehn- Group. „In bringing together the skills, the competence and the experience of our member companies we create for every project a tailor-made solution.“

Prior to the first transport a truck with a mounted mock-up of the largest piece (4,20×3,00×3,23m) was used for road survey. EMS Log organized the transport of the delicate equipment, all in all 81 pieces, from Germany to Albania. In Durres GALA took over, stored the items and prepared them for the trip. It took 31 truck loads to get the complete system to Sheper and the trucks had to balance over narrow gravel roads with steep gradients, sharp turns and difficult village passages.

„Transports in this area are extremely demanding and need in-depth experience, logistic knowhow and a thorough understanding of local conditions ,“ says Dominic Sleur, Managing Director of EMS Log. „We set up a team of experts from different companies in Germany and Albania, which planned and executed this project. We had to use 4×4 trucks, which often only moved only in walking pace, to make sure we get the cargo safely to its destination.”

EMS-Fehn-Group consists of 20 companies with offices in Leer, Bremen, Hamburg, Lübeck, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Bergen, Helsinki, Riga, Bolzano, Genoa, Palermo, Durres, Skopje, St. Petersburg and Ft. Lauderdale. The company is active in chartering, logistics, special transports, crane services, world-wide yacht transport, ship management (currently 16 vessels), stevedoring, terminal operations, warehousing, intra-logistics and crewing. EMS-Fehn-Group employs about 200 staff members ashore and 180 aboard.